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Robotics UI Prototyping

Unfortunately, much of my recent work is currently under NDA. I can provide specific details on request.

A medical robotics start-up approached Gomoll Research and Design about developing their next-generation cancer treatment system user interfaces. I worked with a small team of Gomoll coworkers to translate existing wireframes and UI concepts into high-fidelity, interactive prototpes in Axure1. Though the design and most of the interactions were already defined, I was responsible for ensuring that the prototypes worked correctly and robustly, identifying any issues in interaction design, and deploying them for formative testing.

The client was eager to make changes as testing went along, and occasionally I would be responsible for making changes to the prototype in the evening before one session, or even between morning and afternoon test sessions. This kind of short-term work required constant collaboration in the Gomoll team to make sure we were all on the same page and making the right choices.

The studies were executed through the latter half of 2019, and the product is expected to be released in 2020.

  1. An incredibly powerful and generally underloved prototyping tool.