Andrew Lilja is a user experience consultant specializing in medical device human factors and user research. He currently works at Gomoll Research and Design, based out of the Minneapolis office.
Project Name

PSY-244 Human-Computer Interaction

I was invited by my alma mater to teach an intro course on human-computer interaction as a visiting professor in the Psychology department.

Medical Device Human Factors

Medical Devices
In 2015, I began doing human factors research for medical devices. I fully support the entire process, from product inception through FDA submission and future updates.

Summative Studies

Medical Devices
A substantial portion of my work involves validation, and the nature of the products I work on require me to develop, execute, and submit summative studies for all updates.

Robotics UI Prototyping

Medical Devices
Case Study
A medical robotics company required a prototype for testing and sales. I built and maintained a fully interactive prototype in Axure.

Medical Technical Writing

Medical Devices
Case Study
I was brought in at the last minute to learn how a newly developed medical device worked and write a manual with only development documents as guidance.

Patient-Facing UI Development

Medical Devices
Case Study
My first major UX project was to conduct research and lead interaction design development on a medical device's patient-face user experience.