Andrew Lilja is a user experience designer at Gomoll Research and Design. He has worked on projects for Medtronic, Bio-Rad, Scantron, and Iowa State University.

VirtuTrace After Action Review ➝

Developing an interface for a virtual environment that is easy to use and understand while navigating 3D space for use with an Xbox controller. Features include different kinds of spatial navigation and time travel.

Build-a-Meal ➝

An iPhone application designed to make it easy to figure out what flavors would work well together in a meal, how well they fit together, and which ones to remove.

Gustavus Homecoming Poster ➝

A graphic design project for my undergrad school — developing the entire branding system for the 150th anniversary homecoming. Products include the main poster, event posters, digital advertising, and apparel.

Master's Project ➝

For my master's degree, I looked at how social information could be included in 10-foot interfaces (the kind you use from ten feet away on your couch).

VirtuTrace Physics Engine Overhaul ➝

Overhauling a virtual reality engine's physics system to allow for realistic, real-time dynamic physics. This meant essentially deleting the entire existing physics engine and starting from scratch.

Small Projects ➝

This is a collection of smaller things that I've worked on, with just a few notes explaining them.